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The Fallacy of the Perfect Career Path

Maximize impact by maximizing fun

27 April 2024 Michael J. Black 2 minute read
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Startup Research: Oxymoron or Key to Success?

Should AI startups do research?

26 April 2024 Michael J. Black 7 minute read
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Build what you need and use what you build

An approach to impactful science

21 April 2024 Michael J. Black 3 minute read
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Third wave 3D human pose and shape estimation

Beyond 3D to understanding humans

04 December 2023 7 minute read

Redefining plagiarism in the age of AI

Adapting the ethics of scientific publication to address large language models

10 December 2022 6 minute read

Peer Review, Plagiarism, and Authorship in the Age of Large Language Models

How do we retain public trust in science when it becomes easy to cheat?

01 November 2022 4 minute read
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From cartoons to science: The Sintel dataset at 10 years

The Koenderink Prize at ECCV 2022.

The Sintel optical flow dataset appeared at ECCV 2012 and at ECCV 2022 it was awarded the Koenderink Prize for work that has stood the test of time. What makes a paper stand the test of time? What makes a good dataset? What made Sintel special?

25 October 2022 10 minute read
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The Road to Success is Paved with Rejection Letters

My other CV. The CV of failures.

Let's get this out of the way up front. I'm a successful academic. I have one of the best jobs in academia (Max Planck director). I've been able to do work that I care about, with great colleagues and students, and it's been recognized by my community.  I'm white, male, and st...

07 February 2022 Michael J. Black 7 minute read
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Novelty in Science

A guide for reviewers

Reviewers have strong ideas about what makes a paper acceptable in top conferences like CVPR. They know that getting into such conferences is hard and that getting a paper in is prestigious. So, the papers that get in must be really special. This is true, but what makes a pap...

30 January 2022 Michael J. Black 5 minute read
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Creating digital humans: Capture, Modeling, and Synthesis

ICCV 2021 papers in context

18 October 2021 Michael J. Black 16 minute read
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Reflections on ICCV over 31 years

Computer vision from 1990 to 2021

14 October 2021 Michael J. Black 8 minute read
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Could body shape determine the German election?

Our perception of leadership traits is influenced by body shape

Could biases in how we perceive body shapes influence the outcome of the German election? Using recent work from our group, we investigate which of the chancellor candidates is perceived to be a good leader, solely based on their body shape.

05 September 2021 Michael J. Black, Lea Müller 5 minute read
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Modeling the 3D shape of animals

The SMAL animal model

We describe our work for modeling animal shape. This is joint work with Angjoo Kanazawa and Michael J. Black.

12 October 2020 Silvia Zuffi 5 minute read
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The Secrets of the Secrets of Optical Flow

The following paper was awarded the Longuet-Higgins Prize at the 2020 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR). The prize is given annually by the IEEE Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI) Technical Committee for "Contributions in Computer ...

02 June 2020 Michael J. Black 6 minute read
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The Road to Safe Self-driving

Optical flow prediction systems in autonomous cars.

A simple color patch could severely affect the optical flow prediction systems in autonomous cars

01 December 2019 Anurag Ranjan 5 minute read